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Netoshisu Episode 1

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6299   1 year ago
OVA Netoshisu is a new hentai work by T-Rex studio, which was filmed based on the NTR manga authored by Vpan's EXTASY (Satou Kuuki) in June 2021. The main character of hentai Ayato Haruno recently confessed his love to his little sister Kasumi Haruno - she returned his love and accepted his feelings. Due to the fact that the main character's parents went abroad for work, Harumi became not only his tutor, but also his personal "nanny". According to all the canons of Hentai, the idyll could not last long. And after a while, our hero decided to rummage around on his favorite porn resource, while his little sister stayed somewhere and what was his surprise when he found porn with his beloved Kasumi-chan...
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